Your Home and Property Secure

Our first tip will cost a little bit of money, but it’s worth it. Make sure you have a deadlock fitted on your external doors. A deadlock requires a key to rotate the cylinder and it’s quite different from a spring loaded lock which is much less secure. Call a locksmith and get this attended too straight away.

Next time you need a new lock fitted. Ensure your new lock as a restricted key. In essence this means that your key cannot be easily copied. The keys are effectively patented and can only be copied by an authorised agent of the lock manufacturer.

If you keep a ladder in the back garden, you could be making it a much easier for a burglar to access an open upstairs window. Get a strong lock and chain and either attach it to something fixed, or chain it to a heavy weight or even to a bicycle. This will make it very difficult to use unless you have the key.

When you go off on holiday, or are away from home, use timers for security. Set up at least three timers in different rooms of the house to turn on and off lights and a radio throughout the day and evening. This will make it look as though someone’s at home and should help deter burglars.

You can buy small wireless video cameras really cheaply these days, and being wireless, they are really easy to install. They generally have a range of around 30 yards and can transmit an image to your TV or recorder. The fact that they are there will deter many burglars and the will of course allow you to monitor activity around your home

Statistically, the more unusual your car is, the less likely it is to me stolen. If you put decorative stickers or other adornments on your car which make it non-standard, the more likely you are to avoid it being stolen.


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